Moral AI in the News: AI Caregivers for the Elderly

People develop technology to perform tasks they cannot or do not enjoy. One such task is providing care to the infirm, as it is a physically and emotionally demanding, time-consuming, under-paid job. Many elderly people cannot take care of themselves adequately and need help, and even more are socially isolated. AI and robotics can help... Continue Reading →

Moral AI in the News: Human/AI Interfaces

As artificial intelligence develops to help humans externally, some researchers and entrepreneurs have taken an interest in bringing humanity and machines closer together by installing AI directly into the human body. By integrating artificial and natural intelligence, people would be able to accomplish various tasks more easily and instinctively than they are currently able, from... Continue Reading →

Moral AI in the News: Poker-Playing AI

Game-playing computers have made headlines for besting human players at Jeopardy, chess, and go in the past. However, all of the aforementioned are games of perfect information: the computer had access to every piece of information about the game every time its opponent made a move. In January 2017, the AI Libratus defeated professional poker... Continue Reading →

Moral AI in the News: AI in the Legal System

Trust in predictive software has reached a level where the legal system has adopted it in various forms to assist in crime prevention. AI systems are being used to help decide bail before trial, determine the likelihood of individuals’ recidivism, and design effective policing strategies to deter and accurately anticipate crime. These systems have been... Continue Reading →

Moral AI in the News: AI Grading Systems

Developments in natural language processing have come together over recent years to produce automated essay grading systems. The systems identify the characteristics of writing that human readers tend to grade highly and can generally grade essays similarly to how a human grader would. Unlike machine-scored multiple-choice tests, these machine graders provoke controversy over the potential... Continue Reading →

Moral AI in the News: Automated Vehicles

As automation becomes increasingly common in commercial vehicles, legal and ethical questions surrounding their behavior and manufacturers’ liability grow in relevance. Mercedes-Benz prominently announced that their automated cars would prioritize the safety of the driver and passengers in the event of an unavoidable crash, citing the lower rate of accidents with their AI-driven vehicle and... Continue Reading →

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